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Rust Belt Redemption


Two years ago Tom Donovan was a cop, working the rough and tumble streets of Buffalo's East Side.  One fateful night he was involved in the deaths of a federal agent and an unarmed man.


Fast forward to the present; Donovan is now working as an operative for a private investigator.  His latest assignment is to locate the wife of Gary Sheilds, a local real estate mogul.  Donovan's investigation leads him to a seamy underside of Sheild's business interests and he is forced to make a choice between doing his job and answering to his conscience.


Further complicating matters is Donovan being named in a wrongful death lawsuit by the family of one of the men killed in the incident that ended his career as a cop.  Donovan's past colides with his present as he searches for absolution.

Shadow Boxing


Former professional fighter turned trainer Hank "Lights Out" Loughran has been carrying a secret for over twenty years.  On his deathbed, Loughran tells ex pupil Tom Donovan that his father's death, ruled an accident at the time, was anything but.  Donovan starts his own investigation into the matter and in the process crosses paths with his grandfather Hugh, a semi retired book maker and union boss, the FBI and members of the Irish American social club where Tom Sr. was last seen alive.


While Donovan is struggling with his father's death as well as the events of his more recent past, a drug dealer that he crossed re-emerges looking for some payback and Donovan's name is on the top of his list. 


Cover illustration by Valerie Eddy




When  his neighbor's brother is assaulted and left for dead at the edge of a park ex-cop turned PI Tom Donovan becomes involved in the mystery surrounding the incident.  Was Mark Krupp in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Or was he the victim of a vigilante, meting out justice to men accused of domestic violence?


Meanwhile, in South Buffalo, Donovan’s grandfather Hugh, one time bookie and unofficial neighborhood “boss”.  has passed away.  It comes as no surprise that he leaves his business interests to his long time Lieutenant, Whitey Brennan.  Whitey has a secret from his past and when someone threatens him with revealing it , he reaches out to Tom for help.


Donovan once again is forced into the shaded areas between good and evil and justice and vengeance.


Cover illustration by Valerie Eddy

Hard Times in the Hollow


The story of the Avery’s, a farming family in Cattaraugus County, New York, and the struggles they endure through war, prohibition and the Great Depression. As their difficulties mount family matriarch Iris pushes the family to extremes in her quest to keep them together and their farm afloat. Her grandson, Adam, is at first an observer and then an unwilling participant. How far would one family go to ensure their survival?

Cover Iillustration by Valerie Eddy

East Side Elegy cover (2).jpg
East Side Elegy- Tom Donovan#4

ISBN #978-17324191-4-8

Tom Donovan, ex-cop turned private investigator is trying to go legitimate. New business, new office, financed in part by money with dubious origins. In walks Irene Jaworski, grandmother of the dead girl he found in a garbage bin a year ago. Irene is looking for answers and closure for a case that was never solved.

Donovan's lawyer and occasional employer introduces him to Tariq Zaman, an Iraqi refugee who came to the US to start a new life but was followed by a shadow from his own past. The FBI and a mysterious government operative have also taken an interest in Zaman and his past and pull an unwilling Donovan into their investigation.

Cover design by Sara Murello

127 Pinehurst

Cheektowaga New York, 1988.

A body is found in a run-down house on a dead-end street. With no way to identify the deceased and only a non-communicative woman in the house, Detective Carl Wisnewski has to unravel a mystery that began over a decade before. His investigation will force him to unravel the dark secrets of the house and the neighborhood around it. Ten years earlier, thirteen-year-old Michael Schultz has a chance encounter with a woman from the neighborhood with a less than stellar reputation. The two outsiders form a bond that will affect the path of both of their lives.

Cover design by Sara Murello

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