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Where it takes place;

This pictures on this page are locations form the Tom Donovan books.  They are either real locations or inspiration for fictionalized locations.  Some of them helped inspire the events of the story.   The background on this page is the Peace Bridge as seen from Broderick Park at the foot of West Ferry.   In the first book, Donovan stops there to collect his thoughts after witnessing a violent confrontation between two of the principles of the case he is working on.

The shuttered portion of the Perry Projects.  The inspiration for the "McKinley Projects."  The scene of the shooting that ends Dononvan's career as a cop.

Dona Street in Lackawana.  The apporximate location of the "Showgirls Gentlemen's Club."

The Naval and Military park and the bow of the USS Sullivan.

Nottingham Terrace

The Central Terminal

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